This series came about during a time in my life when I was slowly starting to see the “fog” lift with parenting two active little boys under the age of two.

Although it doesn’t always happen, my personal goal is to wake up each morning before the boys and spend time with the Lord.

Isaiah 35:2-4 really struck me. I just loved that picture of flowers as part of God’s redemptive story for us.

Flowers are beautiful, of course, but also can be a small reminder here on earth of the bigger picture/story of Christ. In the end, Jesus wins!

He is coming to save us … and He is Faithful! Praise the Lord!
With that, I set out to work. I worked in two moods: slow, careful paintings (the canvas works) and then more playful loose paintings of the same subject (the framed work).

These modes provided me with a wonderful balance in my personal stage of life that can feel chaotic. 

In both moods, I had to learn to let go and let the painting unfold one brushstroke at a time.

I work from a deeply personal place and what comes out always feels like it’s a part of me – a small fragment of my own journey.

I truly hope that these works resonate with you.

2023 Amy VanHoy